Liberland Modular Settlement



Strategy of new settlement on Danube river bank

The Solution

Considering spatial development of the state of Liberland we have to take site condition in account. Unsuitable ground for construction, marshes, main access by watterways etc. And when one thinks about initial stages of Liberland development he has to consider factors such as instability of settlement, easy construction requirements, structural readaptation or mobility of units. This proposal is using shipping  containers to meet all these demands.Based on grid 2,3 x 3,0 meters the container units are assembled. The initial development of Liberland takes place on the deck of Liberlands´ ship, so the hight of whole structure is limited up to 3 floors. So when the spatial development and build-up areas will spread to the mainlands the ultimate hight should be increased. To secure entrance to every container unit the vertical communication cores are designed (center position of core for both side access). In the proposal these cores are attached to the container units in the two variant ways: lenghtwise or transversaly. This is to show possibilities of spatial configuration on the deck of the ship and in particular on the mainlands. So when combining the two arrangements the complex adaptive structures can be created.

In Container Development Proposal we use several housing units and common (public) units – based on given dimensions 2,3×3,0, 2,3×6,0 and 2,3×12,0. But even when the units are different, this typology is strictly following the firm grid 2,3 x 3,0 meters. It allowes us to use consistent technological infrastructure system to deliver energies and also drain unnecessary materials. Also it allowes easy manipulation with arbitrary unit and it the fact random manipulation whit anything. The internal design is proposed to fill the requirements of the individuals and the suitable design for whole-year living is secured. So now, let s build the Liberland!