NYC Vertical Farm

New York, USA


Mixed-use tower situated near High line. Combines housing, administrative and food production for inhabitants and surrounding neighborhood.


The Solution

Competiton design for Chelsea district in NYC is trying to look on sustainable development  and urban agriculture from the diffrent perspective. Perspective of communities, neighborhoods and their demands for the urban enviroment. What do they actually want? What the residentials ask for? How are they acting in the city and to the city? Is the current state of urban life sustainable in long term? Respect to the urban and natural enviroment and awarness of the growth limits are key issues.

The general vertical farming concept was designed as reaction to growing global population and bulit-up areas and therefor the lack of production lands. The effort is to bring the primary agriculture production back to ultimate users. To lower the share of classical intensive agriculture, fuel and energy demand and in general the rate of negative impact of human population on physical enviroment. By our opinion the vertical farming itself is not able to reach all these goals. The redefinition of provider – user relationship is needed. But not just in the global scale, although it definetly is the global issue. It is really difficult to achive these goals at global multinational level. But rather in the local scale. It means the level of communities and neighborhoods. Identifying  these and offering them what they actually need. Increase the feeling of solidarity and responsibility for their own space for living.

These are the starting-points on which the framework or concept is based on. Communities and neighborhoods identification and their demands: for energy, food, clean air, common space, waste treatment, resiliency and facilities availability. Creating functionaly connected urban ecosystem. Increasing resiliency and toleranced to negativ external issues. Increasing of self-sustainability at local level and keeping open markets can strengthen whole city, state and event the Earth.



design team

Pavel Paseka / Martin Žatečka