Swarm tower

Concept Projekt se zabývá návrhem mrakodrapu ve východním Londýně v obvodu Stratford. Celý mrakodrap je přímo napojen na okolní vybavenost pomocí PRT (personal rapid transit) systémů, které jsou vedeny k jednotlivým patrům mrakodrapu. Mrakodrap se skládá z hlavní věže a šesti okolních přidružených objektů. V hlavní věži jsou zastoupeny tyto funkce: Laboratoř 3D tisku, administrativa, bydlení..

Urban Configurator

  Concept A tool that allows the user to simulate, analyze and compare the various scenarios of city development. Generates parametric data model based on the principles of circular economy and the bottom-up approach to planning. Input data is based on specific user requirements for functional usage. The goal is to find the optimal variant..

Dynamic Urban Model

  Concept Databased dynamic urban evolution prediction   The Solution General responsive urban model which proceeds from actual requirements of urban population. From demands of residents, labourers and visitors of specific localities. All these individuals and groups leave a continuous virtual footprint through their behaviour and acting in cities. With the help of this proposed..

Adaptive City

Concept Responsive, adaptive and temporary spatial system for educational and working purposes. The Solution The aim of the project was to create a desirable place to live that balances usable private space with high quality public space.   AdaptiveCity project is base on individual requirements of each person, workshop team or bigger groups. Basically anyone..

Liberland Development strategy

Concept Bottom-up development strategy for state of Liberland, based on generative urban model and wang tiles system The Solution Main goal of urban planners and architects cannot be to reach the state of final total equilibrium. Such thinking is misguided and stiff and establishing instruments to achieve this objective is not necessary. Their real ability..

Loop Tower

Concept Loop Landscape is a circuit, a neverending process. People and animals circulate here, produced waste and grown goods are used back in a farm. Just the way it was done for centuries. All of this happening in a mutual coexistence of inhabitants of farm and inhabitants of consumption society of New York.    ..

NYC Vertical Farm

Concept Mixed-use tower situated near High line. Combines housing, administrative and food production for inhabitants and surrounding neighborhood.   The Solution Competiton design for Chelsea district in NYC is trying to look on sustainable development  and urban agriculture from the diffrent perspective. Perspective of communities, neighborhoods and their demands for the urban enviroment. What do..