Ice Hockey Stadium – Dubai

Parametric Ice Hockey stadium
Dubai, UAE
Public facilities


Conceptual design of an existing shopping mall extension. The assigned program was a combination of a shopping mall (retail, food courts, etc.) and two ice hockey stadiums with all necessary accompanying operations.

The Solution

The design of the Ice hockey stadium reacts to contemporary architecture style in SAE and Dubai. The main structure
is represented by curved beams following the stress lines in the construction. This optimizes the structural performance
of the shell and makes the characteristic look of the building in combination with a perforated roof. The roof consists
of hexagonal openings inspired by a water-ice crystal structure. They gradually change their size towards the middle of
each cell defined by beams to reduce the weight of the roof. The openings are filled by the glass windows in the central
part above retails to provide natural light. Above the two hokey stadiums, the openings accommodate the lighting to
provide artificial non-direct light better for indoor sport. The roof covers three floors of ice hokey facilities including
skyboxes, restaurants, and tribunes on both sides and retail in the central part. These parts are independent of the roof
structure. The facade is covered by metallic plates in shapes of traditional Islamic geometric patterns that refer to the
local culture. Around the entrance, the same pattern is used for the glass facade. The stadium is a modern building
connects leisure, sport, and trade under the unique roof structure completed with geometrical patterns.


design team

Martin Žatečka / Jan Petrš / Pavel Paseka