Brownfield Perla 01

Ústí n. Orlicí, CZ


The Proposal contemplates the newly created district on the former brownfield near the city center as a socio-cultural complex that will integrate various urban functions and offer a wide range of activities.


The Solution

 Such a complex will serve each of the urban community (children, students, parents, workers, seniors) aims to become a platform and a kind of urban engine of daily activities. It integrates the functions purely economic (administrative and research facilities), recreation and sports (House of Children and Youth klubcentrum, hall and sports), residential (apartment and townhouses) and function of ecological, cultural and educational (linear park, plenty of greenery, city gallery vertical farm, mini-zoo).

To ensure this socio-cultural center will become a living part of the city fabric, we had to put special care on really strong connection to surrounding buildings, public spaces and the existing important sites. These sites are: historical center, the Peace Square, Kociánka park and the train and bus station. If the new district wants to become an integral part of the city, the area must respond to the surroundings in the terms of scale, proportion of public space and the level of intimacy in them.

Proposed network street, quality of refurbishments and new building seeks to preserve in a certain way the industrial footprints of the former textile factory. Formerly strictly separated site from city center, but in a way close to each other. Through this proposal these two parts come into much greater contact. Parts of the new Perla 01 complex which is most accessable from the historic city center performs precisely the function of citywide importance (offices, library, information center, etc.), And in other parts of the area are placed facilities that are missing in the city in the long term (leisure activities, sports, science and technical Institute, etc.). Thus, both parts of the city of Usti nad Orlici are complement.



design team

Martin Žatečka / Jan Petrš / Pavel Paseka